About Us

Everything that Perth Asbestos Removal WA does, and all the professional services that we are dedicated to offering, are all about one thing: keeping your home safe. Before asbestos was completely banned in Australia, it was commonly used right throughout many homes. Given that we now know the inherent dangers and health risks that it can create, including a range of asbestos disease, asbestosis and even asbestos cancer, having it removed from your home is imperative. We provide everything that you need to do just that, and ensure the continued safety of your home and family. Whatever element of your home has been found to contain asbestos, whether it’s your roof, eaves, fence or even shed, we can remove it and dispose of it correctly, so there’s no longer any risk to your home. Replacement is also part of what we do, so we can remove as well as replace many elements of your home.

We offer a range of necessary services to assist you with the aim of keeping your home and healthy and safe. First, if you have any fears that your home may contain asbestos anywhere, we provide an asbestos testing Perth service, to help you confirm if there’s any need for further action. If there is found to be any problem, we can quickly, safely and effectively remove and replace the element of your home that’s found to contain asbestos, so any risks are completely removed and mitigated, and you can relax knowing your home is safe. Contact us today for more info.z

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