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We are available when you need help removing asbestos. With years of experience, you can call on us. You may not be certain the extent of the asbestos in your old fencing, roofing, or even insulation in your home. If you suspect you have asbestos call us now to get a quote so you can replace with clean materials. You are most likely aware of the dangers that asbestos presents. It was once commonly used in many homes in Perth and surrounding communities in Australia, but has since been completely banned. However, there could still be asbestos contained in some parts of your home, especially if you live in an older home that was built or renovated before asbestos was banned in Australia in 2003. If you think that your home could contain asbestos, and there’s a risk, getting in touch with us is an important step. We can conduct a series of asbestos tests to confirm your home contains asbestos and offer a range of asbestos eaves removal Perth services if it’s determined that you have a problem. Many homes were built with asbestos decades back, through the 1980s. If your home was built before 1980, you may choose to proactively have it tested for asbestos.

We all know the health dangers that asbestos can result in: asbestosis, asbestos cancer and a range of other asbestos diseases. However, we’re here to help you prevent exposure to asbestos in your home. In fact, the major drive behind all that we do, and the range of services that we provide, is to help keep your home healthy and safe for you and your family. We are the qualified team that can handle a wide range of asbestos Perth removal jobs. So, you can rely on our professional knowledge and experience to help keep you and your family safe at home. 

We believe you have a right to live in a clear and clean home environment. It is tragic that more than 10,000 Australians died from mesothelioma — the rare cancer caused by asbestos. It is illegal to use asbestos in construction today. Homes built before the 1980s are generally the highest risk for asbestos. 


Asbestos Testing Perth, Identification and Removal

When it comes to asbestos, it’s impossible to determine if you have a problem without proper tests. It’s not something that most people can recognize. We offer comprehensive asbestos testing Perth for asbestos removal in Perth. We can help you determine if there’s any old asbestos materials in your home. We then have remove the asbestos with our qualified asbestos removal Perth WA service. We bring safety tools to effectively remove asbestos if your home is at risk. We offer an affordable asbestos Perth removal cost in Perth, too.

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Asbestos Fence Removal Perth

Fences are another common place where asbestos was once used, so you could well find your fencing contains asbestos. Given how frequently you might spend time outdoors with friends or family, especially your children, mitigating any such risk is important. To this end, we remove and dispose of fencing that’s found to contain asbestos, a job which is best left to professionals for many health-related reasons. We have the capacity to offer replacement fencing. If you need asbestos fence removal services, just call Perth Asbestos Removal WA today!

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Asbestos Shed Removal

Many old sheds have also been found to contain asbestos, in particular in the roofing, so your old shed could well comprise another risk around your home. Given that asbestos becomes even more dangerous when it’s broken up, it’s important that you leave shed removal or demolition to a professional team for your own safety. We know to delicately, safely and effectively handle such work and prevent any further safety or health risks. We can remove a range of different sheds, and either the roofing or the entire structure. Need asbestos shed removal services? Call Perth Asbestos Removal WA today!

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Common Places Where You Find Asbestos in the Home in Perth Australia

A home built after 1990 is unlikely to have asbestos, but older homes often still contain the cancer-causing material.  It is commonly found in roofing, siding, thermal boards around fireplaces, gaskets around fireplace doors, insulation around water pipes that release dangerous fibres. It can be seen in popcorn ceilings (these need to be scraped. Call us if you need this done so we can remove the popcorn without exposing your family to the particles of asbestos). Old sheds were often built with asbestos materials. If you have young children, don’t let them play in areas that may contain the hazardous material. Younger children and the elderly are the most at risk of reaction from exposure to asbestos, according to medical experts. We remove asbestos so you don’t have to. 


Eaves Asbestos Removal Perth

When it’s discovered or confirmed that the eaves around your home contain asbestos, it’s best to quickly get on the phone to a professional removal team. If handled improperly, eave removal can quickly create a greater risk, as broken up asbestos is even more dangerous than undisturbed asbestos. When you consider there’s working at heights involved, along with work that you may be unfamiliar with, there really is a risk of something very easily going wrong. So don’t risk it, use our professional service instead. We have everything that you need to get the job done safely.

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Asbestos Home Demolition

Home demolition when your home contains asbestos becomes quite tricky, and needs to be handled with care. Otherwise, there’s a serious health risk, as broken up asbestos releases cancer-causing contaminants into the air. It is not safe to breathe around broken pieces of asbestos. Everything needs to be correctly disposed of to prevent any further health risks. That’s why our asbestos removal Perth team specialises in home demolition. We know how to follow and enforce all industry guidelines when it comes to safety, so you can be sure it’s handled correctly as well as effectively. Give Perth Asbestos Removal WA a call whenever you need professionals to handle your asbestos home demolition problems for you!

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Asbestos Removal and Replace

There are many parts of your home that might need to be removed due to asbestos, such as your roof or fence. That’s why part of our entire asbestos removal and replacement, including our asbestos roof removal Perth service, can optionally include replacement. So, whatever we remove we can also help replace. We will place the health and well-being of your home and family first. If you are wondering whether or not to replace asbestos, study the possible outcomes of leaving it in place. Exposing your family to the fibres from old asbestos construction materials is something most people would like to avoid. That’s why we built Perth Asbestos Removal Service. Contact us today for an estimate! We’ll help your home be free and clear of asbestos with our asbestos ID and removal services. Call us now!

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